Student Leadership

Our Pre-U students are leaders within the school both formally and informally. To the student community, they are role models, mentors and aspirational leaders.

Each year a Head Boy and Head Girl are voted in by their peers. They are very active in their roles:

Leading the Student Council Executive Committee meetings

Speaking to students to enrich their experiences at ISB

Bringing visitors around campus and attending regular meetings with the Senior Leadership Team

Representing ISB at events internally and externally

Student involvement and student voice are an important aspect of ISB life to ensure ‘Everyone Excels’. The Student Council is a conduit for identifying and feeding back ideas on learning, Eco-issues, school events and sports activities. The School Council is led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, with each Committee being chaired by a Year 12 student.

Our annual ISB Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) is a high-profile student-led event where we welcome students from Brunei Darussalam and across the world to take part in a Model United Nations style conference to debate relevant global issues with the support of international experts. Delegates and the Secretariat from the Pre-U develop essential skills in research, public speaking, collaboration and leadership.

To prepare our Pre-U students for tertiary education and the workplace, we consistently offer leadership opportunities within and beyond the classroom.