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The ISB International Residence, a ‘home away from home’ for ISB students. We strive to provide an environment where students in our care are respected as young adults and treated as individuals.


Building a community is the primary objective of the Residence. We believe in a stable, caring and supportive family-like environment where students receive adult guidance through a well-resourced residential programme. “Family” is the key word and the staff are committed to providing a positive ‘in loco parentis’ (in place of parents) for students. ISB remains one of the main schools of choice in Brunei for many parents and students due to the academic quality of education on offer in the day school and the quality of care available.

The ISB International Residence provides students with a unique living environment; a state-of-the-art new building in a beautiful, natural setting at the foot of a secondary forest and yet just five minute’s walk from the school site. The experience is an opportunity to learn and explore the ideas, values, and histories that underline each cultural group’s uniqueness. This rich experience also teaches us, that despite our obvious differences, there are many more similarities shared between us, whatever our different backgrounds.

We strive to educate students to be responsible, productive and ethical citizens with the skills to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively with an attitude of respect towards other cultures and our environment.



The Residence has a team of dedicated supervisors and support staff who all aim to provide an environment where the students are safe and happy. The Residence Team is made up of three resident/teacher supervisors, a full time nurse/24 hour duty on-call manager, two housekeepers and two drivers. Food is always an important part of residential life and we offer catering of a high standard, providing an appetizing and nutritional diet that satisfies most tastes.


Our residential community offers an environment where students are able to acquire productive and effective study habits and to participate in the wide range of opportunities available to them at ISB. This enables them to achieve, in the classroom, on the stage or on the sports field, and to leave us as confident, independent, self-disciplined and well-rounded young adults, ready to take on the world.


Boarding Accomodation



The ISB International Residence is located within the school campus and is convenient to all local amenities. Our multi-million dollar buildings  allow the students to enjoy all the comforts of home in a safe and controlled environment, whilst also having access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

ISB has created accommodation for our international residential students in a professionally managed ‘home’ environment. We have set new standards in Secondary student accommodation, giving an unsurpassed modern, comfortable and quality communal living space in private, well-equipped rooms.


Students share individual air-conditioned bedrooms with peers of similar age, in two distinct gender-separated blocks. The blocks include clean and spacious shower and toilet spaces and small recreation/relaxing areas. Wireless internet is available in all locations. The Support Team lives on-site, and an ISB adult staff member lives in each block so the residents all have 24-hour supervision. For additional security, a female security guard remains onsite from 10pm until 6am.

Each resident is allocated a bed, cupboard space, desk, chair, rubbish bin, coat-hangers, towel rack and lockable cabinet in their bedroom. All bed linens and pillows are supplied and laundered regularly by ISB. Residents are allowed to decorate their bedroom, as long as it is tasteful and inoffensive.


On-site we offer recreational facilities such as board games, PS3 (Play Station), Smart TV (Connected to Internet), Piano and Guitar and access to school facilities like gym, theatre, sports hall, basketball court and football field. Food is prepared freshly every day and there are ample opportunities for trips out and sports on the main school site.

Study and Work

Study and Work


Each week-night, except Friday and Saturday evenings, residents have a set study hall. This gives them the opportunity to complete homework and also consolidate and revise the work done during the day. It also helps our residents to prepare for the next day’s lessons. We insist that homework is done in an atmosphere conducive to study. Residents will not be permitted to disrupt the learning of others. All students must have a fair chance to do their work without interruption, in order to achieve their personal best.

Study time is between 6.30pm – 7.30pm  for Year 7 to Year 9 and 7.30pm – 8.30pm for Year 10 to Year 13. We ask that parents please try to avoid telephoning their child during this time. All residents come together to study in the communal area. IB students who are not on a ‘watch-list’ are invited to study in their own bedrooms if they choose to. For some students the workload of the International Baccalaureate may require additional study time outside of the allocated supervised study hall.


Special permission to study after ‘lights-out’ must be sought and will be considered by the duty staff member dependent on the diligence of individual residents.

Residents, like all students at ISB, must accept responsibility for their education. If they are having problems with any of their subjects they need to inform a staff member as soon as possible and discuss solutions. Possible sources would be:

  • Class teacher
  • Tutor Teacher
  • Relevant Head of Year
  • IB Coordinator
  • Residence House Parents
  • Residence Manager
  • ISB School Counsellor
  • Head of Secondary


The Residence has a wireless internet network which is available during allocated times in the day. Student residents may choose to use their own personal laptop/device for study hall. We ask that personal laptops and devices be clearly named, have password access and be fitted with a filtering program.

Residents must adhere to the ‘acceptable use policy’ for computer and internet use. Any inappropriate use of the network or failure to meet ISB expectations will result in restrictions being put into place and/or the immediate withdrawal of  ICT privilege. Further actions may be taken if serious infringements occur.

Residence Charter


At the International School Brunei we believe that our core purpose in the Residence is to care for and nurture the students who have been placed in our care. We strive to make residential life a positive experience for all students by providing a care system that recognises the individual and provides a family-like environment based on trust, cooperation and open communication.


We believe that :

A safe and secure environment is our first priority. Our residents should consider the Residence as their ‘home away from home’.

Every member of the Residence community has a role to play in the creation of a ‘caring Residence family’ where we all look after each other.

Personal best can be realised through fostering of sound study habits.

Residents should be given the opportunity to participate in stimulating and challenging sporting, cultural and recreational activities so as to foster personal growth and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Independence and self-reliance are important life skills for all residents to learn and apply. Our residents need to take ownership of their behaviour and accept responsibility for their actions.

Honesty and integrity are vital for a successful residential life. Pride in self engenders pride and care for our physical residential environment.

Mutual respect fosters good interpersonal relationships and celebration of difference.

Residence Life

Residence Life


Living in a multi-lingual and international community is stimulating and exciting but it can also be challenging; as with their own family life, students benefit from a clear structure during the week. Certain routines are established:


Our usual weekday schedule

*6:15am-7.10am Breakfast served at Canteen
7:15am – 2:30pm Academic Day
2:00pm -4:30pm Afternoon Tea & Free Time
After School Activities
 *5:45pm – 6:15pm Dinner served at Canteen
6:15pm Prepare for Study
6:30pm – 7:30pm KS 3 study / KS4 free time
7:30pm – 8.30pm KS 4 study / KS 3 free time
8:30pm KS 3 prepare for lights out / KS4 continue study or free time
9.00pm KS 3 lights out
9.30pm KS 4 prepare for lights out
10.00pm KS 4 lights out

*Dinner is a compulsory meal; we like to dine as one big ‘family’. It is also important that residents eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Attendance is taken at breakfast and dinner to ensure that residents are monitored and eating appropriately.

For more detailed information on life at The Residence, please click below:

Living at the Residence



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Currency : Brunei Dollar (BND)
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Account Name : The International School (B) Bhd
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Currency : Brunei Dollar (BND)
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