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Head of Primary, Mr Darren Sibley
Head of Primary, Mr Darren Sibley

ISB is an educating and caring community that involves students, their families and their caregivers in a warm and supportive environment. We aim to build a partnership with you and give a commitment to providing the best education for your children possible.

Through the support and commitment of my staff at ISB we aim to be:
A school that makes a difference as soon as you step inside; a place with a warm, happy and calm atmosphere where everyone enjoys learning and working together. Where staff take student’s views into account, are open, honest and supportive of each other, and set positive examples to the students.

A school where students have a can do attitude and learning is fun. Where students think positively, who say, “I can…” and where self-reliance, co-operation, enthusiasm & initiative are encouraged. Where all students are nurtured, their self-esteem raised and everyone feels valued and respected.

A school where the environment promotes quality learning opportunities; reflects the achievements of the students and stimulates and supports their learning. Where displays in classrooms and corridors reflect a broad and balanced curriculum.

A school where teaching and learning is outstanding. Where staff understand and use the most effective teaching methods to engage the students and encourage them to work well independently. Where students are highly motivated, enthusiastic and respond positively to challenge and high expectations and exhibit consistently high standards of discipline and behaviour.

A school that is close to its community. Where agreed values are shared and upheld. Where students respect and understand the diversity of the wider world and their place as citizens of it and acquire attitudes of care and concern for the environment. Where staff develop positive relationships with parents and the wider community.

A school that rigorously and effectively maximises success for every learner. Where staff have consistently high expectations and plan teaching that enables students to reach their potential. Where staff understand the connections and progression in all subjects and use them to ensure students make good progress.

A school that celebrates personalised learning and students achieve their potential. Where the level of challenge stretches without inhibiting and work is closely tailored to the full range of students’ needs, so that all can succeed.

Where students are guided to assess their work themselves and good relationships support parents/carers in helping students to succeed.

I hope that we meet all these expectations or, at least, come close to it!

Darren Michael Sibley
Head of Primary

Early Years


Our Early Years Department consists of Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Reception. Each contains a carefully prepared learning and play environment, which supports children’s development.


We believe that young children learn best through hands-on exploration of toys, materials and their environment. Children learn largely through play and our curriculum has been carefully planned to provide a balance between structured and spontaneous free play.


Play equipment and materials are arranged so that children can make choices and do not have to continually depend on adults. When planning activities, we recognise that young children learn best through natural day-to-day interaction with the planned and natural environment and the people around them. We provide children with the support of trusted adults, who actively engage with them and are interested in their learning.

Our programme is developed according to the children’s interests and enthusiasms. This comprises of six areas of learning broadly based upon the “Early Years Outcomes” (Department for Education, England, 2014), which documents learning goals for children from birth-5 years.

There are three themes for Learning and Development in Early Years:

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development including Self Confidence & Self Awareness, Managing Feelings & Behaviour and Making Relationships;
  • Communication and Language including Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking; and
  • Physical Development including Moving and Handling and Health and Self-care.

These three themes form the foundations of all our children’s learning. Children make the optimum progress when they are happy, feeling safe and confident. They also make most progress in Maths and Literacy when they have established a good level of attainment in their communication skills. Physical development is an essential part of brain development and preparing the foundations for children’s writing skills.

Upon these foundations we develop children’s Specific Areas of Learning:

  • Literacy including Reading and Writing;
  • Mathematics including working with Numbers, Shape Space and Measures;
  • Understanding the World including People and Communities, The World and Technology;
  • Expressive Arts and Design including Exploring and using Media and Materials and Being Imaginative.

Children develop and learn at different rates. When planning activities, staff aim to value and build on what children already know, to develop each child’s curiosity and interest by providing first hand experiences through interaction with real objects and materials.

Children also use the outside play area to experience a different range of activities such as water, sand and climbing. The outside area allows children to have more space and freedom to carry out activities on a larger scale. Children have access to a variety of physical activities such as balls, hoops, and bikes, which help develop their motor skills.

We have a consistent daily routine to foster security. Children feel safe when they can predict what is coming next and know the rough sequence of the day. Routine also helps children to understand why certain things need to be done in certain ways and they find it easier to take on responsibility and be positive and cooperative. Our routine focuses on children choosing their own activities, but staff offer small group focus activities and the whole group gets together for a shared learning experience, singing or story time during the morning.

ISB children tend to be happy and confident and a visit to our Early Years area is welcomed.


Chloe Metcalf

Head of Early Years

Years 1-6


Our Primary department consists of Years 1 -6 and is a carefully planned learning environment, which best supports student’s development. Its foundation is the English National Curriculum, adapted to meet the needs of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural cohort of fantastic students.

In Primary all of our teachers are well-qualified and experienced in getting the very best out of students. We bring the very best in pedagogy from countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and ten other countries. Teaching staff are ably supported by our Learning Assistants (LAs), many of whom have taken part in the Early Childhood courses run by the school.

At ISB we have six areas of learning (Department for Education, England, 2014), which run throughout Primary. However, as the students move through Primary they will become more aware of the subjects covered by these areas and how these link to the subjects they will encounter in Secondary. There is a strong focus on numeracy and literacy as the foundations of a strong skills base.

These areas of learning are:

Essentials for Learning and Life (ELL);

  • Literacy
    • English – speaking and listening (including Drama); reading and writing
    • Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) – Malay, Mandarin and French
  • Numeracy
    • Mathematics – number; shape, space and measure, data-handling
  • Subject areas:
    • Science
    • Geography
    • History
    • Information Technology
    • Art
    • Design and Technology
    • Music
  • Physical Development, Health and Well-being (PD);
    • Swimming
    • Physical Education

Students in Primary are taught in class based groups for most of the subject areas. In Years 3-6 for Maths and Year 4-6 for Mathematics and Physical Education the students are split into ability groups to better cater for the academic needs of each student. Students are taught by specialist teachers in the areas of Music, Foreign Language, PE and Swimming.
As a ‘Green School’ we also have a Curriculum for Sustainability which runs throughout the school and features within different themes across Primary.

Students develop and learn at different rates and, although development occurs in a predictable sequence, each individual develops at their own pace. However, staff strive to motivate students in their learning by working with them to achieve their potential.

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