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ISB is a vibrant, friendly and internationally diverse school situated in a fantastic new campus with modern teaching areas, excellent facilities and wonderful outdoor spaces. We value community and provide a warm, supportive and inclusive environment where students of all ability ranges and backgrounds are inspired and challenged to achieve and excel; be it in the classroom, on the sports field, in Performing Arts or on-stage at the Model United Nations. ISB is proud to be a not-for-profit school, where all revenue goes back into making the school a place where students, not costs, are the primary driver of improvement.

In the Secondary section, students are placed at the centre of everything we do, focussing on developing every student as an individual.

Through the support and commitment of our highly qualified Secondary staff we are a school where:

– students strive for personalised academic excellence;

– students develop their independence and take control of their learning;

– all students are supported through excellent pastoral care;

– diversity is respected, understood and celebrated;

– students take part in programmes that prepare them to become global citizens;

– academic studies are enriched by a wide range of learning activities – from Eco projects to FOBISIA events, from community service to school productions and from ECAs to House competitions

– students learn to take better care of the environment around them;

– the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is offered to our Year 12 and Year 13 students – a broad based course that best matches our mission and vision – a gold-standard programme that is academically challenging, but also best prepares students for university;

– staff actively seek out opportunities for professional development – internally, nationally and internationally to ensure that teaching is always the highest possible standard and contains modern pedagogical thinking to engage, enthuse and motivate students in lessons.


We are incredibly proud of our school, our students and our community. We look forward to welcoming you to ISB so that you can see for yourself.





Acting Head of Secondary



Years 7-9



Students at ISB follow a modified version of the English National Curriculum in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8, Grades 6-7), which offers challenge, breadth, balance and coherence through a wide range of subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Modern Foreign Languages, Art, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Music, Physical Education (PE), and Drama. These early years of Secondary school provide a foundation for success in IGCSE and IB examinations later; a reputable curriculum that offers firm subject foundations, enabling our students to achieve examination success in their school career.

All students bring their own device to school and much of their learning is guided through use of our custom-built VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). This allows teachers to operate a ‘flipped-classroom’ approach to better ensure that student time spent with the teacher is meaningful and well-utilised, whilst also ensuring that learning activities are more individualised, accessible, appropriate and engaging. The VLE contains a huge range of curriculum access materials for student access, both at school and at home, and also provides parents with information such as school reports, absence records and lesson guidance.

In helping to prepare our students for IGCSEs and the IB Diploma programme, the ICT curriculum is delivered through integration with other subjects.

At ISB we use assessments by GL Assessment, primarily CAT4, as a diagnostic support. The assessment provides teachers with valuable data in ensuring that each unique child has a personalised education plan, including attainment and personal targets for them to aim for. The information also underpins our ability to identify and help our brightest students, as well as spot possible underachievement and to plan supportive intervention measures if necessary.


ISB level grading, based around age-specific subject expectations, are used for assessment tracking: students work through a levelled curriculum in each subject area, building skills, knowledge and understanding. Using diagnostic assessments by GL Assessment, along with prior attainment and teacher input each student is set an end of year target grade in each subject

Should you require more information about our Key Stage 3 curriculum here at ISB, please do not hesitate to contact us: Executive_principal@ac.isb.edu.bn




Students between the ages of 13 and 16 mainly follow the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Malay language for Bruneian students is completed through the Brunei- Cambridge GCE ‘O’ level examination course, coordinated by the Ministry of Education.

The majority of our subjects are IGCSE courses, which provide syllabi and methods of assessment appropriate for a wide ability range. IGCSE is internationally recognised as equivalent in standard to the British GCSE and the international GCE ‘O’ level examinations.

The aims of the IGCSE are:

to support modern curriculum development;

-to promote international understanding;

-to encourage good teaching practice;

-to set widely recognised standards.

IGCSE and GCSE keeps abreast of developments in secondary education and provides an excellent foundation for the International Baccalaureate (IB). The majority of our IGCSEs are administered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), but we are also accredited by Edexcel and AQA for some subjects including Drama, PE, Media Studies and Art.


Our latest Options Booklet link below, lists the range of subjects which we offer for students starting Year 10 (sometimes Year 11).

Options Booklet

ISB’s examination achievement is excellent at IGCSE level, among the best in the world for non-selective, inclusive schools:

Download 2015 Results

In all years, we use GL Assessment diagnostics, with the CAT4 assessment playing a key role in helping us to understand each individual learner attributes. The assessments provide teachers with valuable data in ensuring each unique child is properly catered for and effectively monitored on their academic journey through the school. Using the data from these assessments along with prior attainment and teacher input, each student is set an end of course target grade in each subject. Ongoing communication with student and parents helps to support any variations between target and actual grade over the course of each student’s time in school.

Should you require more information about our curriculum and study at ISB, please do not hesitate to contact us: Executive_principal@ac.isb.edu.bn



Post – 16 Pre University

Post – 16
Pre University



ISB has a consistently high percentage of students (averaging 95% over the past 10 years), who go on to higher education all around the world. Our admissions process, through discussion with the student and their parents or guardians, involves close analysis of individual student strengths and enable effective decision-making with regard to the destination university and course. We help to choose the final destination which best suits character and aptitudes. We take into account educational background, qualifications and future career aspirations and individualise a subject menu for every student who studies with us in the pre-university programme.

As a long-established IBO school, offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme as our flagship programme, our expertise in preparing students for higher education is established. The IB Diploma is commonly accepted as the premier post-16 qualification in the world and the large majority of our students take the Diploma.

However we do offer additional pathways to university and our dedicated team of advisers recommend a suitable pathway and tailor course choices based around individual student need, university entry requirements and country destinations (the Pre-U brochure accessible through the link below includes full description of Pathways available):




All students in years 12 and 13 at ISB have International Baccalaureate subject choices as the foundation of their studies and the best preparation for their next move to higher education. The Diploma is administered by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), a gold-standard examination body: 1.3 million students in 4500 schools, ranged over 147 countries take over 600,000 examinations each year. The IBO is recognised by over 90% of the world’s best universities.

The choice of Pathways at ISB include:

  • Full IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • IB Course PLUS
  • ISB Accredited Graduate Diploma, involving a tailored pathway comprising IELTs and selected IB and iGCSE subjects

All pathways not only develop and refine skills in research, public speaking, presenting and essay writing, but also the demands of these courses greatly improves time management, multi-tasking, independent learning and self-reliance. ISB students leave the school as analytical, creative thinkers, with the self-discipline to succeed in university and the world of work.






University Destinations

Since IB was introduced into the school fifteen years ago, ISB graduates have been accepted into numerous institutions worldwide-please click below:


ISB students have also received various prestigious scholarships including:

  • Sultan’s Scholar Scheme
  • Government scholarship through the Ministry of Education
  • Brunei LNG scholarship
  • University of British Colombia’s “World Leader of Tomorrow Award”
  • Princeton University scholarship
  • Yale University scholarship


IB Results 2011-2016

Taking care of your child

Year 12 and 13 is particularly demanding and academic and emotional well-being are monitored and tracked over the course by a dedicated team of pastoral staff. Parents are informed termly and consulted as often as necessary, to ensure students are well supported and their academic performance meets target grades.


ISB scholarships of various amounts are available to both external and internal students, based on needs, academic attainment, artistic or sporting ability. Students from around the world, with an ‘A-grade’ average in their IGCSE/GCSE/GCE ‘O’ Level, are eligible to apply for scholarships to study at ISB.

Students from the Bruneian GCE ‘O’ Level system are strongly encouraged to apply with forecast grades as ISB operates on the Northern Hemisphere calendar, from August to July.


Existing students are able to qualify for an end of course bursary, subject to them meeting certain IB Diploma points conditions. Please click for details.


Should you require more information on Year 12 pathways or any other aspect of post-16 study at ISB, please do not hesitate to contact Jane Snell, Pre-U/ IB coordinator: JSnell@ac.isb.edu.bn

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