Guiding Long-Term Excellence:

The ISB Board of Directors

The ISB Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in steering the school towards long-term excellence. The Board’s overall responsibility encompasses governance, strategic planning and fiscal oversight. The Board comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, such as law, banking, finance, and the public sector. Together, they share the common objective of ensuring the continuous growth and development of the school. The Board oversees the company, International School (B) Berhad, and is ultimately accountable for the school’s governance through collaboration with the Executive Principal and Head of Administration.

Appointment and Composition The process of Director appointment is a democratic expression of our school community’s commitment to excellence. Members of the Board, numbering up to 12 Directors, are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the ISB company members. Membership is open to all parents and staff of ISB. Voluntary in nature, this commitment to service in a non-profit school is a testament to the passion and dedication of those who undertake the responsibility. The Board, currently composed of seven dedicated individuals, convenes on a monthly basis during the school year. Each Director contributes a unique set of skills and experiences that work in unison to meet the school’s changing demands. This regular engagement ensures a proactive approach, allowing the Board to delve into pertinent matters, strategise collaboratively, and respond swiftly to the evolving landscape of education. The formation of specialised committees within the Board further enhances efficiency, enabling focused attention on specific areas essential for expansion and long-term success. Currently, there are five Board committees as follows:
  • Board Advisory Committee
  • HR Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Strategic Committee
In essence, the ISB Board of Directors is more than a governing body; it is the driving force behind the school’s pursuit for excellence.  Through collaborative leadership, unwavering commitment, and strategic vision that spans in the long term, the Board is committed to shaping a school that stands as a beacon of excellence both now and in the future.

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2024 ISB Board of Directors

Backrow (from L to R)
Roy David Kurian, Wong Chin Toon, Jorge Francisco Vega, Haji Rashid Abdul Razak

Frontrow (from L to R)
Sharon Tan, Dato Seri Paduka Awang Haji Ahmad bin Pehin Orang Kaya Laila Setia Bakti Di-Raja Dato Laila Utama Haji Awang Isa, Nicholas King, Hajah Nor Ashikin Haji Johari