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“ISB graduates are
internationally inspired
global citizens, and they
make a difference in
the world.” –
Dominic Morley,
ISB Executive Principal

ISB Alumni is an ever-growing global community, with over 46 nationalities, ISB is proud to be the home of a over 300 registered alumni and counting! Our Alumni have gone on to be global ambassadors of ISB and build their career in numerous industries and continues to make ISB proud. So, whether you have graduated from ISB or been a part of ISB for only a while, you are an ISB Alumni #OnceatISB, alwaysISB

ISB Alumni is dedicated to build relationships and engage with our wide spectrum of alumni across cohorts, cultures & continents in a diverse variety of initiatives and activities. By joining this community, we connect you to a wealth of opportunities with your fellow graduates, professional development programmes, volunteer opportunities, mentorship opportunities, and more. So, whether you are looking to build or expand your network, reconnect with old classmates, mentor students, engage in lifelong learning, or stay up to date on ISB news—ISB Alumni Community is here to keep you connected to it all.

Stay in touch with us and expand your career opportunities, build connections, get involved and engage your mind with current and former students of ISB. Explore news, views, events and perspectives from your alumni community. To keep up to date and stay connected, register now:

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Our ISB Alumni Community

Our ISB Alumni Community

Registered Alumnis
0 +

Vanessa Murphy
Graduated in 2008
Legal Advisor
International Committe of
Cross (ICRC),
Geneva, Switzerland

Aisyah Zulkarnain
Graduated in 2013
Freelance Music Producer,
Singer and Songwriter

Ayeshah Ahmad
Graduated in 2009
Entrepreneur & Marketing
Manager, Saffron Cafe,

Liyana Hanif
Graduated in 2011
Head of Creative,
Progresif Sdn. Bhd.

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