Building a stronger community

The Parent-Teacher Association at ISB is a community and platform for parents to support and help make ISB a better place for the students. Families and parents are encouraged to be involved in students’ education, activities, and events to help build and maintain a safe and enriching environment for all.

ISB strives to be a success of both its parents and staff members, who work together for the good of the student’s education and wellbeing. Through parental support, volunteers, and contributions, ISB continues to place itself as an aspiring organization that is for the students.

The school currently has over 37 nationalities among both students and the workforce, which promotes values of inclusivity, shared understanding, and mutual respect. We highly encourage parents to use this platform and get involved in their children’s education, share ideas, and have open communication with teachers and staff members of ISB.

To do your part and get involved, please reach out to or more information!