ISB students reach summit of Mt. Kinabalu

Members of the ISB contingent at Mount Kinabalu.

ISB students reach summit of Mt. Kinabalu

Wednesday, 29th May 2024 – A group of International School Brunei (ISB) students from Years 12 and 13 achieved a remarkable feat by reaching the summit of Mount Kinabalu, which stands 4,095m above sea level, during a recent school trip.

The trip, which took place from 18th to 21st May 2024, involved 13 students from ISB’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). They embarked on the high-altitude climb under the guidance of ISB staff members and mountain guides. The activity was conducted in line with the ‘activity’ element of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), which is one of three essential elements that every student must complete as part of the IBDP.

ISB staff members Ms. Amy Gilroy, Head of Arts Faculty, and Mr. David Mark Evans, Physical Education Teacher and Eco Coordinator said, “We are incredibly proud of all the students for reaching the summit. There were challenging moments for everyone, but we had a fantastic group who powered through the aching muscles and long, rainy descent with a positive mindset, fantastic resilience, and admirable support for each other.”

One of the participating students was ISB Head Boy Muhammad Bazil Alhaq bin Hj Mohd Albadii Shahnoel from Year 12, who said, “The journey to the top of Mount Kinabalu was a truly enriching experience that I will forever cherish.”

Fellow participant Tegwyn Reekie-Evans from Year 13 also reflected on the memorable trip, saying, “It felt like we were in a different world.”

This successful expedition highlights the dedication and spirit of ISB students, who continue to push their limits and embrace new challenges.

Students and staff of ISB at a rest stop.