Early Years


The first step to lifelong learning

Michael Everett
Head of Primary, Bandar Campus

Our Early Years program is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. It is the perfect foundation for a lifetime of learning. ISB’s Early Years provision comprises Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Reception.

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Why choose Early Years at ISB?

Philosophy and Approach

At ISB, we believe in nurturing young minds through a personalised approach to education. We understand that every child is unique, and our philosophy emphasises individualised learning in a nurturing and creative environment. Our dedicated educators take the time to truly know and understand each child, building on their individual interests and experiences to tailor their educational journey. This commitment to recognising and celebrating each child’s uniqueness forms the cornerstone of our educational ethos.

“Domain C (Early Years): The Early Years leadership team for effectively implementing the EYFS curriculum to provide a high-quality learning experience that enables students to be engaged and energized in their learning.”


Our curriculum at ISB is thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development, encompassing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. We believe in a well-rounded educational experience that not only lays the foundation for academic excellence but also nurtures the whole child.

To achieve this, we blend academic fundamentals and hands-on exploration seamlessly into our program. We empower our young learners to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, and a strong sense of self, preparing them for a lifetime of successful learning and personal growth.

Our curriculum encompasses key areas stated below.

Learning Environment

Our learning environment is designed to inspire curiosity and creativity. Both our indoor and outdoor classrooms, as well as play areas, are carefully crafted to stimulate a love for learning. We prioritise safety and comfort to ensure that every child feels secure and ready to explore.

Class size and ratios

We maintain small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios to provide personalised attention. This allows us to focus on each child’s unique needs and support their growth effectively. Our commitment to individualised learning sets the foundation for success.