Cultivate a lifelong love for learning

Michael Everett
Head of Primary, Bandar Campus

Welcome to ISB Primary, where everyone excels. Our students enjoy access to the highest standards of international education in a nurturing and inclusive community. At ISB, we partner with parents and families to unlock each student’s full potential, fostering qualities of confidence, kindness, resilience, and curiosity.

Our international campuses in Bandar and Seria bring together students from over 40 countries, creating a diverse and enriching environment. Through our engaging Primary curriculum, we provide students with opportunities to develop a wide range of skills both within the classroom and beyond. We enable our students to become global citizens; learning from each other’s cultures and traditions.

Our team of internationally qualified and supportive educators ensures that every student’s needs are met within our thriving learning community. Beginning with play-based learning in the Early Years, academic excellence, artistic achievements, sports prowess, and more are a constant throughout our Primary School Curriculum. Our focus extends beyond academics; our students become articulate ambassadors, aware of their goals, their global impact, and the environment.

At ISB Primary, Year 5 marks the beginning of the journey through the Middle Years, where we deliver evidence-based practice to provide a smooth, evolutionary journey. Middle Years bridges Primary and Secondary school and aligns our two sections to come together to form one school.

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Why choose ISB Primary?

Year Groups

Year 1

Students experience a smooth transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 1. Our curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that they have had in Reception. Play will continue to be an important part of the provision and students will transition into more formal learning as the year goes on so that they remain motivated, enthused, and eager learners.


  • Developing foundational literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Building a love for reading through phonics and basic sight words.
  • Introducing basic mathematical concepts through hands-on activities.
  • Encouraging social skills and cooperation.
Year 2

The year is full of exciting discovery that covers a broad and balanced curriculum; with a focus on literacy and mathematics and opportunities to investigate the world around them.

Our dedicated staff are on hand every day to ensure your child has the best access to learning possible.

  • Strengthening reading and writing skills, including sentence structure.
  • Advancing numeracy skills with a focus on addition and subtraction.
  • Exploring science and basic research skills.
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and independent learning.
Year 3

There will be many opportunities for involvement, growth, and learning across the school this year. Moving to KS2 is a very exciting time for students as they learn how to navigate new class timetables and routines, meet new friends and teachers, and reconnect with old ones.


  • Expanding literacy skills, including comprehension and creative writing.
  • Advancing numeracy skills with multiplication and division.
  • Introducing more complex science and history topics.
  • Enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
Year 4

Students become more independent and confident learners, working hard with a growth mindset and with strategies to support their ability to work collaboratively. Problem solving, reasoning, and thinking creatively are key to a successful Year 4.


  • Building on comprehension and composition in literacy.
  • Strengthening multiplication and division skills in numeracy.
  • Exploring a wider range of scientific concepts and experiments.
  • Developing basic research and study skills.
Year 5

Students develop a greater sense of individual responsibility, both towards others and their environment. Organisation, reliability, and self-motivation are all skills we aim to build on throughout the year.


  • Developing advanced literacy skills, including analysis and inference.
  • Advancing numeracy skills with fractions and decimals.
  • Exploring more in-depth science and history topics.
  • Fostering independent research and presentation skills.
Year 6

Year 6 not only focuses on academic achievement but also the ability to successfully transition into Secondary. All students understand their role as a global learner within the international school community. We set high expectations for every student giving them the guidance to master key skills such as: organisation, time management and continued commitment and motivation towards learning and developing as a global citizen.


  • Mastering advanced literacy skills, including persuasive writing and literary analysis.
  • Advanced numeracy skills with a focus on algebra and geometry.
  • In-depth exploration of scientific concepts and historical events.
  • Preparing for the transition to secondary school, including study skills and time management.