Internationalism at

International School Brunei

International mindedness and global citizenship are key aspects of our DNA at International School Brunei. In line with this, we aim to:
• Welcome all citizens of different cultures and languages and provide the opportunity to work together.
• Build and reinforce students’ sense of identity and cultural awareness
• Foster students’ recognition and development of universal human values
• Provide international content while responding to local requirements and interests
• Provide diversity and flexibility in teaching methods

At ISB, international mindedness and global citizenship for our students entails adopting a certain value system of compassion, tolerance, and openness to diverse perspectives. Since more than 45 nationalities are represented at our school, students have numerous opportunities to learn, develop and connect. Our students have the opportunity to interact with children/young adults from around the world who have been exposed to a variety of cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Our students are accustomed to being in a multicultural environment, and they quickly develop empathy for the views and opinions of others.

ISB students’ and teaching staff’s nationalities