Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

At ISB, we strive for our students to excel academically in a supportive environment which supports their overall wellbeing. ISB embeds several well-being practices within its broad and diverse curriculum, focused on the development of the whole child. Students are supported by a highly qualified and experienced Pastoral Team that covers areas from learning enrichment to inclusivity and health.

True to the ethos of our school, ISB is an inclusive, caring place with a strong sense of community. We work hard to ensure every pupil is safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible, and included.

CIS Commendations

The child protection officers and the senior management team of Seria and Bandar for implementing the policies
and practices which provide a safe learning environment for the students.

A Network of Support

While students have a formal link with their tutors and Head of Year, ISB is staffed with Designated Safeguarding Leads, and students can contact any member of staff at any time for help and advice.

Healthy Living

We promote a healthy, active lifestyle for all our pupils and provide guidance on all areas of healthy living. This includes nutrition, the importance of physical activity, mindfulness, relationships, and managing stress.

Medical Centre

International School Brunei has a fully-equipped Medical Centre onsite staffed by a team of qualified nurses. It has a 2-bedded ward, treatment room, consultation space and a relaxation space. As well as supporting pupils with medical and health concerns, the nurses take a proactive role in promoting community health notices to the school.

Counselling Team

The Counseling Team at ISB is dedicated to offering comprehensive support to students across all year groups. Recognising that navigating the challenges of both primary and secondary education can be particularly difficult for some children, ISB is committed to providing a safe and confidential space for students to seek professional assistance.

Our aim is to assist students in addressing difficulties that may affect their social, emotional, and academic well-being. We understand that each student is unique, and our team is equipped to offer personalised support tailored to their individual needs. Through a compassionate and understanding approach, we strive to foster a positive and nurturing environment that promotes the overall growth and development of every student at ISB.


ISB is dedicated to creating a secure and supportive environment where our students can flourish and reach their full potential while being safeguarded from any potential harm. This collective effort represents the commitment of our entire school community. ISB is committed to safeguarding its stakeholders and ensuring safe recruitment practices through safeguarding checks to ensure that all ISB employees and associates are safe to work with children.

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