Counseling & Pastoral Care

Counseling & Pastoral Care

At International School Brunei, we have a very strong pastoral team composed of Teachers, Learning Assistants, Learning Support Assistants, Heads of Year and Key Stage, School Counsellors, Nurses and the Academic Leadership Teams. They are all here to oversee the wellbeing of our students as well as the staff. Their day-to-day role may differ, but they are here to create a healthy school atmosphere in which students feel safe and happy, know they are valued, academically challenged, and that their personal, social and emotional development is nurtured.

Class teachers and tutors are responsible for making links between a student’s social and emotional wellbeing and their academic progress. They provide pastoral care for their students. Heads of Year and Key Stage focus on safeguarding, student attendance, behaviour, wellbeing and academic achievement. Our school counsellor is always available to offer advice to students, parents and staff at crucial turning points in their lives. The counsellor works closely with the Teachers, the Academic Leadership Teams and the parents to maximize learning outcomes, ensure positive wellbeing or liaise with external agencies to deal with students’ concerns if they cannot be dealt with at school. Finally, our Academic Leadership Teams oversees cognitive, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing of the student body, their safety and healthy growth. Their absolute priorities are safeguarding and child protection.


ISB offers a huge range of Extra Curricular Activities for all students (Primary and Secondary) to participate in. These activities form an integral part of our vision for Holistic Education.

Most ECAs start at the end of the school day (1:45pm for Primary, 2:10pm for Secondary) but we have so many activities on offer some start at 3pm or later – every day is a busy day at ISB!

We encourage students to sign up for at least one ECA activity per day – making sure that they take full advantage of the range of activities on offer.

Most of our ECAs are free of charge as they are run by ISB teachers. For some ECAs, which are run by specialist, qualified coaches, there is a termly charge.