Extra Curricular Activities


Extra Curricular Activities

ISB provides an extensive array of Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) that cater to all students, encompassing both Primary and Secondary levels. These activities are an integral component of our comprehensive approach to education.

The majority of our ECAs commence after the regular school day concludes, which is at 2:00pm for Primary students and 2:15 pm for Secondary students. However, due to the diverse range of activities available, some may commence as late as 3:00pm onwards.

At ISB, every day is brimming with opportunities for engagement. We strongly encourage students to enroll in at least one ECA activity each day. This ensures that they fully explore the breadth of activities at their disposal.

Primary ECAs

Secondary ECAs


It’s worth noting that the majority of our ECAs are complimentary, as they are overseen by dedicated ISB teachers. For select ECAs led by specialised and qualified coaches, there may be a termly fee associated with participation.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is widely recognised as the world’s leading youth achievement award. Participation in the Award has grown every year since inception in 1956. By 2017, over six million people had taken part in DofE programmes in the UK, with over eight million worldwide. The Award recognises young adults for completing a series of self-improvement challenges which include physical expeditions, volunteering and learning new skills.

ISB is proud to have delivered the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award since 2016. ISB students in the DofE Award schemes have improved their confidence, resilience and team working skills while completing all the expected challenges well within a set time frame. The knowledge and experience gained will strengthen applications for university and for future employment.

To learn more, read the latest edition of the ISB DofE Newsletter curated by our Award Participants!

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