Student Council


Student Voice

At ISB, we place great importance on nurturing student leadership and engagement. Our dynamic student body is led by a dedicated team, which includes the Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as enthusiastic House Captains and visionary Student Committee Leaders.

ISB students take pride in being sorted into one of our four vibrant houses, each represented by a distinct color:

  • House Ingkat (Red)
  • House Sangang (Blue)
  • House Penyu (Green)
  • House Beruang (Yellow)

These student leaders, working alongside their peers, play a pivotal role in shaping the ISB experience. Leading by example, they champion various initiatives and ensure the collective voice of our students is heard. Together, they embody the true spirit of ISB and drive positive change within our school community.

Annually, these student leaders are elected and take on the responsibility of organizing cross-phase house competitions, fostering regular interaction and collaboration among students from all year groups. These house events celebrate a wide range of interests, from dance competitions to mathematics and creative writing, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to represent their house.

At ISB, we believe in the power of having a student voice to create a vibrant and inclusive community.