ISB, EnEvo collaborate in paper recycling campaign


ISB, EnEvo collaborate in paper recycling campaign

Friday, 8th March 2024 – In line with efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainability, International School Brunei (ISB) and EnEvo Sdn Bhd successfully completed a collaborative paper recycling campaign today.

The campaign, which took place from Monday, 4th March to Friday, 8th March 2024, saw parents and students of ISB encouraged to drop off used paper for recycling purposes. The used paper included old exercise books, non-glossy books and papers, shredded office papers and newspapers.

The collected used paper was then supplied to EnEvo, a local company that provides a sustainable solution for wastepaper through closed-looped recycling, where they collect, process, and convert it into a reusable product, i.e. toilet tissue paper.

To mark the successful conclusion of the campaign, all the collected used paper was compiled together at ISB today to be presented to EnEvo. Among the attendees for the handover of recyclable paper were Mr. Nicholas King, Deputy Chairman of the ISB Board Directors; Mr. Roy David Kurian, Member of the ISB Board of Directors; Mr. Dominic Morley, Executive Principal and CEO of ISB; Ms. Vienna Law, Head of Administration and Chief Financial Officer of ISB; Mr. Tan Kheng Tong, General Manager at EnEvo Sdn Bhd; Mr. David Mark Evans, ISB’s Eco Coordinator; and ISB’s Eco Warriors, a team of passionate and driven students who lead various environmentally-focused initiatives.

Mr. Dominic Morley, Executive Principal and CEO of ISB said, “We are delighted to have collaborated with EnEvo on this important campaign, which is in line with ISB’s commitment to having a positive environmental impact and promoting a sustainable future for all.”

“At ISB, we firmly believe that our global-minded students possess the potential to make a meaningful impact on the world. As an eco-school, our continued commitment to sustainability and eco-awareness is highlighted by the fact that ISB is BCA Green Mark-accredited and holds the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award, recognising excellence in environmental action and learning.”

Mr. Tan Kheng Tong, General Manager at EnEvo Sdn Bhd said, “We are honoured and thrilled that ISB shares the same sustainability goals as we do. ISB is leading the way through excellent example, showing that it understands and appreciates very well the benefits of sustainability.”

“This collaboration is significant whereby many benefits can arise from it, such as providing an opportunity to educate students about environmental conservation, sustainability, the importance of recycling and responsible consumption, as well as reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and promoting the diversion of recyclable materials, contributing to a more sustainable waste disposal system. By creating a culture of recycling and sustainability, ISB can encourage community members to adopt eco-friendly practices, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. We look forward to more collaborations with ISB.”